Which way do I go?

If you are thinking about content creation, there are a few options like images, videos, articles, podcasts, slide shares, infographics, and newsletters. There are a lot of ways to catch attention, but once you know what you want to say and who your audience is, it is easy to find the right path to follow.

Photo by Pexels

Snapping a photograph or creating an infographic about a product or service on offer are two of the top methods of attracting potential buyers attention. The quality of the image and the way it is framed alongside the description offers great potential. Some people think it is timing that makes the difference but then, most people are at work during the day or night so the way the image is presented can capture someone’s attention at any time. I scroll through Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest before I go to sleep or when I am having a break. So timing is not everything for everyone but the quality is.

Photo by Ayoub Wardin

A video or slide share is a fantastic means of attracting attention because a lot of people prefer to watch an interesting clip that demonstrates exactly what they can expect from your small biz. You might be a hairdresser with a hip clientele in the valley and you want to create an online space to share discounts on haircuts or advertise hair care products. The same thing goes if you are selling your homeware designs, regular posts about your products will attract a lot of interest if you show people where you take inspiration from and how you turn your ideas into beautiful pieces for the home or office.

Photo by Tookapic

Another effective avenue is producing a podcast series. The spoken word can do so much for your business! Just think how many times you have listened to the radio and downloaded the song you just heard because it really spoke to you on so many levels. Podcasts give you that same stage, except you’re the ‘singer’ and the ‘song’ might be the service you offer in perhaps architecture or landscaping. If someone thinks your expertise is what they need, they’ll contact you straight away. Not everyone can design a home or create a beautiful green space to relax in.

Photo by Daniel Friesenecker

An article or newsletter introduces people to who you are and what you can do for them. You can share your expertise about many topics based on your qualifications or professional experience. It might be you are a traveler making your way around the world but your real career is in travel gear and equipment. You can trial the gear you sell while on the road and tell prospective customers what it’s like to use. People are always investigating what they need for their next vacation, so articles posted on your blog site are an awesome way to attract business to your door.

Photo by Yongxinz

So when thinking about where you are and where you want to go with your business, think about content creation and contact Gabrielle Ahern to discuss what is good for you and which way to go!

Written by Gabrielle Ahern, Salty Wave, http://www.saltywave.com.au

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