Message in a bottle

If you go for a walk along the beach, you’ll find a lot of interesting oddities the ocean has carried, sometimes for thousands of kilometres, even centuries.

You might pick up a pretty shell. Other times, there’ll be a crab scurrying to its shelter, or a marine worm ducking back into the relative safety of the sandy depths below.

Photo by Veetrag, Pixabay

There is always something to find along a beach. It has so many stories to tell. But none quite so eloquent as those you might find in a bottle. Sometimes sent on a whim or on purpose, the tides carry the bottle and its precious cargo away, with no direction and no perception of time … 

The messages might be letters of love, a distress signal from a shipwreck, or part of a science study to measure the speed of the currents or the quality of sea water, for example, drift bottles. There are many reasons why people entrust the ocean with their life story. 

A famous example is a message sent by two girls in 1915. It was found many years later in 2012 close to where they had originally thrown the bottle into the ocean.   

Photo by Conger Design, Pixabay

Some bottles float along the currents for hundreds of years before being discovered, while others sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be found again. Bottles can be encrusted over with all kinds of sea life before being washed up onto a seashore, and many are never reported by their finders.

A modern version of a message in a bottle are the space exploration modules carrying the signatures of many people from Earth to Mars. I have my boarding pass ready in anticipation for the #CountDownToMars on 18 February 2021!  

Apparently, over 6 million letters have been carried across the oceans by bottles since the mid 1900’s. Now there’s a few stories waiting to be told. 

If you have a story you want to tell the global community or maybe just a few people in your own backyard, the ocean currents may not be the best way to go, so don’t reach for the bottle just yet!

Salty Wave can get your message from ship to shore much quicker than a hundred years via multimedia!

Contact Gabrielle Ahern via Salty Wave for a free consultation!

The horizon has no limits, so where will your story take you!


Poster Image by Comfreak, Pixabay

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