The wandering albatross

#DidYouKnow >>> The wandering albatross, Diomedea exulans, is a seafaring species, which spends 70 per cent of its life flying over the ocean. These amazing marine birds only visit land for a short time to breed once every two years (usually on South Georgia, Macquarie Island and Iles Kerguelen). Both parents care for the chick for nearly 300 days. In between breeding times, these seabirds can travel up to 32,190 km across the Southern Ocean (subtropical, Antarctic, and sub-Antarctic waters).

The bird’s ability to travel extensively over such long periods of time is probably due to its gigantic wingspan, measuring 2.51 to 3.5 m. Foraging trips can last up to 50 days out at sea and their diet includes crustaceans, fish, jelly fish and cephalopods, along with bird carrion. Its conservation status is vulnerable because of mortalities due to being caught on long line fishing hauls.

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