Mindful things to do

If anyone mentions starting work on Monday, it’s not always greeted with a positive feeling! But I think that response has a lot to do with a persons weekly schedule. Some people have the day off on Monday because they work on the weekend. Everyone has a different timetable.

One of the mindful practices I like to do is go for a walk with my dog. Instead of focusing on all my tasks, I am distracted by my dog and observing how he engages with other dogs and cats going for a walk. Yes he’s actually encountered a cat, out and about with the owner on a lead. It looked like a nice cat too. We might meet a chicken one day going for a walk, not someone dressed in a suit – a real chicken. You never know.

A simple walk, whether it be with a dog, cat, bird, a friend, or by yourself, can help your mind relax, and maintain your personal health and fitness.

Let me know some mindful practices that you follow to refresh your thoughts and keep motivated!

I’ve been working as the Managing Editor of npj Science of Learning Community for 4 years (a Springer Nature venture) and I have certainly learnt a lot about how the mind can be impacted by its surrounding environment through the research of specialists working in mind, brain and education.

I’m interested in engaging with others to help tell their stories through video, podcast and story production. I can bring your story to life, so please contact me via my website.

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