An invitation to be curious

Wildlife research is harnessing technology to deep dive into the world of plants and animals in so many fascinating ways. It was wonderful to meet Dr Vanessa Pirotta, a wildlife researcher who is leading the design and implementation of new software that identifies wildlife trafficking cases. Here is an excerpt from the story I wrote about her remarkable STEM career: An invitation to be curious published by The Brilliant.

The desire to help people connect to marine environments drives Dr Vanessa Pirotta – as a researcher, presenter, author and educator – to bring diverse audiences on board.

Today, Pirotta is a wildlife scientist, globally renowned for taking whale research to a new level, harnessing technology including drones to investigate natural and human-induced threats to whalesHer remarkable career as a scientist and communicator, however, did not start where you would expect. She grew up three hours away from the closest beach on a 40-acre farm outside Canberra, with cows the largest mammals around.

Pirotta’s fascination with whales was sparked when her mother bought her a video of the movie Free Willy. To a five-year-old girl from the country, seeing whales, dolphins and orcas for the first time was mesmerising. Her childhood fascination with these breathtaking creatures evolved into ambitions to be a dolphin trainer and set her STEM journey in motion.”

Read more about Dr Vanessa Pirotta by following the link here.

For further reading, here are some more stories I have written.

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