Blue adventure

Making a few discoveries is an exciting experience for anyone, especially encountering mega marine wildlife while on a diving holiday. The Dive in Australia crew organise trips for those who want to experience sharks, whales, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and many more animals around Australia and overseas – up close.

Here is the new video I produced – showcasing some of the excitement waiting for anyone looking for adventure by scuba diving off the coast of Kavieng in Papua New Guinea!

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Photograph by Steve Brady

Make video your story

There are many ways to present a story about your business or the interests you pursue. A video can be a positive ally when attempting to achieve the ultimate goal – gaining the trust of new customers.

Photo via Pixabay – 5688709

No matter the makeup of the business, a sole trader or a team of people, each has an interesting tale about its origins or a philosophy it likes to follow, so consider the type of video that is representative of your public identity.

Photo via Pixabay – Stocksnap

A commercial to advertise products; an explainer video to demonstrate expertise; or a simple video introducing others to what the business is all about, clothing, tourism, hospitality, sport or a trade – the list is endless – makes a big difference to the decision an individual makes.

Photo via Pixabay – Rawpixel

A video is not just an introduction, it is also a valuable method of making people more aware of what your business offers and who the people are behind the website or shop front. You never know, a new customer might just be around the corner. But they don’t know about your service, until they know more about you.

Photo via Pixabay – B_Me

Make video your story and connect with Gabrielle Ahern at Salty Wave to discuss the video right for your business via


Innovative Scientists

Researchers pursue different specialisations in science and many are like modern day explorers, making discoveries that are improving our every day lives. I am currently contracted by the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland, to write projects.

Reading about the work of the Institute is really inspiring for anyone who wants to be a scientist or there already, because finding out what nature has to offer can be captivating but dangerous at the same time. It is a fantastic experience to learn about their research achievements. Watch this space for more news and information very soon.

The Ocean is There

Being a marine biologist, it is natural to love the ocean. Not just to take a photo, go surfing, swimming or catch a fish. I really throw myself into the deep end and search for the most interesting topics I can find to write about, especially those that not many people in the community know about.

An opportunity to write a story based on the experiences of professional diver, Steve Brady owner of Dive In Australia came along and my conversations with him highlighted just how special marine wildlife encounters are for many people.

Steve has captured some memorable moments during a recent ocean adventure and he asked me to produce a video about the dive location. I am just amazed by the vision and you’ll want to go there. More news to follow soon!

The Science of Learning

Earlier this year, I began my part-time role as Managing Community Editor for the npj Science of Learning Community, allied with the Queensland Brain Institute at The University of Queensland. Nature Research originally initiated the venture, which is an offshoot of npj Science of Learning, a journal dedicated to understanding learning at a range of levels, from neuroscience to psychology to education.

I have made the acquaintance of an exciting range of professionals whose knowledge and expertise varies across specialisations. The art of knowing what to publish to the Community is only challenged by the weight of research available. But this alone has made my role extremely enjoyable and rewarding, as I have gathered a lot of information and made new connections along the way. With so much to explore, I discovered another persons perspective can turn a traditional concept on its head overnight and change up the way science research is conducted for good. It is a real privilege to be in such a pivotal role that assists academic professionals share their research findings and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Please take a look at the npj Science of Learning Community for some interesting discoveries, insights and expertise about how the human brain is designed to learn throughout life, the teachers who put theory into practice in class, the people who study the way we perceive and interact with the world and the scientists who are piecing together the evolutionary puzzle of human intelligence.

On Eco

Salty Wave joined the eco Community in January 2018 to demonstrate its initiative to engage in and communicate environmentally friendly activities.

“We pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions.”

The sustainability priorities of SaltyWave include >

Life below water

Life on land

Quality education

Responsible consumption & production

SaltyWave is very proud to be part of the Eco community.  

Good way to go

Things are going good for you in business, but could they go better? You look over at your competitor and wonder if they have the edge, or what is it that makes another business that much better.

The web is the online version of print, sending out a message to the global community. Your goods and services, your mantra of the good way to go for business, is right up there. But what’s missing from the picture?


A video is a great way to tell people your story about you, how you got there, your skills and the knowhow that qualifies you over the rest.

People tell you in blogs video making is that simple, but when you have a go, it’s not the molehill they make it out to be. You want to go for Mt. Everest, and like anyone in business, you want people to know what you have on offer is on that peak, not a mound to trip over.


Videos are a cool mobile to take people on a journey through your business and what it has to offer. Even if you are a sole trader, you want your moves out there, for everyone to latch onto.

Salty Wave Productions edits web videos for small biz pop up spaces just like yours. You might be in a tight corner in an arcade or sizzling in the hot sun during an early weekend market, but armed with your mobile pop up biz video, you’re set and ready to go.


It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re into, florist, baker, candlestick maker, Salty Wave Productions can tailor a video just right for you.

You’ve taken the first steps in your climb to the top, you’ve got the gear and you certainly have the determination, all you need now is a video to help drive your business to the top. It’s your climb, so contact Salty Wave Productions to help you take that mountain.

Written by Gabrielle Ahern
Salty Wave Productions
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